‘Put Your Drink on the Console’ Coasters (Set of 4)



After years of training yourself to keep liquids away from all things console, you can now bask in the somewhat limited novelty of placing the beverage of your choosing on a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 with these groundbreaking coasters*.

The revolutionary technology in these coasters isolates the condensate forming on the outside of drinking vessels from the surface below with a non-virtual physical barrier, minimizing water damage to your furniture. The super-grip surface in the coasters has been carefully optimized for relativistic physics to prevent slipping of the beverage vessel whilst allowing the vessel to be removed from the surface without undue effort. These coasters provide a truly harmonious and enlightening beverage putting-down-and-picking-up experience.

*We do not endorse placing drinks on real consoles, even if they are covered with coasters.

P.S. These coasters pair exceptionally well with our espresso mugs.

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