Portico II


    Built around the class-A, high-voltage circuits created for the 5088, Portico II Series modules represent a culmination of Mr. Rupert Neve’s design knowledge. Portico II modules are designed for tracking, mixing and mastering with the ultimate analogue quality.

    The Portico II Channel

    The Portico II Master Buss Processor


    “The Portico II Channel has become my favourite channel Strip. It’s the sound of Neve but for the modern age. Its possibilities of combining so much color, makes it the perfect tool regardless of genre, instrument o signal. I haven’t been able to distort it, and I’ve tried”

    Francisco Castro (Diffusion Magazine (en español))

    One thing about us Neve MBP owners that I’ve found we all have in common is that we don’t really tell people we own one in our studios. Why? Well because it’s arguably a modern day classic compressor and we don’t want to let that secret out! It really does something other compressors can’t or don’t do that are currently on the market.

    TheDawg (gearslutz.com)

    5/5 sound quality & features: I think this device will have to be pried from my cold dead hands before I will ever go another session without its use. Thank you Mr. Neve for paving the way to a brighter, smarter future and for conceiving this most ultimate of audio witchery.

    Cb Media (geaerslutz.com)

    The EQ is extremely responsive. Even subtle moves are extremely noticeable. … What I really like about the compressor, is that even with the blend wet, I can still make it sound energetic and powerful even when I’m getting around 12dB in reduction. She can go from very intimate and quiet to shouting, so it is a lot to try to control, but the Channel compressor really does a great job.

    Eddie Mapp

    I got mine yesterday and was immediately impressed by it’s solid and beautiful construction! Great job on that one! … Played a bit around with the silk modes and pointed out some sweet spots. The red one worked very good when hardly driven on git. Also a smooth red silk mode on vocals worked great. The blue one gave our vintage bass some extra bottom. … The comp section is one of the best I’ve ever heard! This baby is so flexible and smooth,… it’s just a dream!

    Franz Spencer

    The MBP is a remarkable piece of analog hardware. The compressor and limiter in concert provide clean, transparent, musical and precise dynamics control along with lots of other features that let you change the sound more drastically when necessary.

    Nick Landis

    “The MBP has new colors, new wrinkles on old themes, and so far I haven’t put anything through it that didn’t sound better!”

    Scott Hull

    “It initially caught my attention because of the limiter section. I was in need of a transparent limiter before my A/D converter; one that didn’t crap out or fold up with certain types of songs. I bought it for that use, but I found myself using the piece much more than expected.” – Michael Romanowski

    Michael Romanowski

    “The most surprising feature, and one that I didn’t think I would use at all, is the ability to adjust the width or depth of selected frequency ranges…I have found it to be an excellent tool to help polish challengingly difficult songs.” – Michael Romanowski

    Michael Romanowski

    Brilliant and flexible….The Portico II sounds big with transparent effects.

    Alan Tubbs