Tycho and the Shelford Channel(s)

Scott Hansen, a.k.a. Tycho, recently purchased a pair of Shelford Channels and included them in a Top 10 Gear List he created for Future Music Magazine. We asked for his thoughts on the new units, and here’s what we received:

I’ve always felt that I had to choose between precision and color when deciding which channel strip to go with for a particular task. The Shelfords remove that from the equation as they strike the perfect balance between a crisp, defined sound and colorful, warm tones while still allowing me to tip the balance far in either direction.

Coming from the Portico II Channels I was really excited about the addition of the RNDI circuit and the inductor EQ, but the surprise high-point for me ended up being the diode bridge compressor; it’s an instant classic. I had previously used several different compressors, pres and EQs from different channels to achieve the sounds I was looking for, but for the first time I’ve been getting finished-sounding tones from a single unit.

From pre to silk, every component in the Shelford Channel shines on its own – but when combined in this way, you really have something special.

With the Shelfords you’re seeing the sum total of Rupert Neve’s sonic legacy distilled into a single piece, and as an artist it’s truly inspiring.



Tycho’s latest album Epoch was recently nominated for a GRAMMY® Award (Best Dance/Electronic Album). Good luck Scott, and thank you for being a fan!

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