Tenda da Raposa Installs South America's First Rupert Neve Designs 5088 System

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (October 20, 2009) – Tenda da Raposa, one of Brazil’s premiere recording facilities recently installed South America’s first Rupert Neve Designs 5088: A 32-channel system featuring four Portico 5032 Mic Pre/ EQs, four Portico 5015 Mic Pre/ Compressors, eight 5033 Five Band EQs, a 5043 Stereo Compressor, and 16 channels of Shadowmix Automation.

Although it started as a personal project studio, Tenda da Raposa quickly began to attract independent musicians, producers and singers due to its unique atmosphere, gear and design. After 10 years of non-stop operations, having recorded the biggest names in the independent music scene in Brazil, and after over 300 CDs, it was time for a major upgrade — an analog console.

For musician, producer and owner of Tenda da Raposa, Carlos Fuchs, the 5088 is a great step forward: “Being a fan of Rupert Neve’s gear for so long, it was an easy decision to go with the 5088. Even without listening to the desk — none were available in Brazil — it was a no-risk operation, and results have gone beyond our expectations.”

As the studio centerpiece at Tenda da Raposa, the high voltage and fully discrete 5088 provides for mic amplification, monitoring, channel processing and, most importantly, a summing buss with over 10 dB more headroom than any console ever designed by Mr. Rupert Neve. With transformers on every input and output, the 5088 provides for complete galvanic isolation, and the sweet musical performance that helps mixes come together like never before.

“It has been a real joy to work with the 5088,” says Fuchs. “I feel I can achieve great results much quicker that with my previous system. Incredible headroom, pristine sound, solid feel. Clients love it, I love it. What else could I want? We are proud to be the first 5088 studio in Brazil!”

Owned exclusively by Rupert and Evelyn Neve, Rupert Neve Designs Inc. was founded on passion, experience and a desire to build products embodying the highest musical quality. In continuing his legacy as a pioneer in audio circuit design, Mr. Rupert Neve is currently focusing his talents on creating innovative solutions to the issues facing the modern recording engineer.