Syracuse University Chooses Rupert Neve RMP-D8 for Cross-Campus Dante Audio Networking

Syracuse, NY – The Setnor School of Music is located in beautiful Crouse College on Syracuse University’s main campus. Built in 1889, Crouse College is one of the oldest buildings on campus, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. This year, the college is taking a big step into the future with three Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 Dante-connected microphone preamps and converters provided by Sweetwater Sound with the intention of providing high-quality recording capabilities to the entire campus.

“We don’t have to worry about 200 feet of analog copper running upstairs from the closet,” says Kevin Muldoon, Recording Engineer at Setnor. “We can run all our microphone inputs through it, and we’ll have the ability to send signal to the live board, to the recording, to the stream, everything.” With the three RMP-D8s providing a total of 24 channels of class-A microphone preamplification and 24-bit/192kHz conversion, they will be used as the school’s primary microphone preamps for every application. “The Dante system will be able to go to our entire campus network, so we can have things to go another studio off-site, we have a jazz building off in a different spot, we have our Belfer Recording Studio in a different spot –  in the future, this will allow pretty seamless integration between all of them.”

“Dante is the future,” Muldoon continues. “At a professional modern recording studio or school of music, this should be the backbone of the recording that goes on.”

“Over the last few years, network audio has really taken over,” reports Brian Loney, Senior Sales Engineer at Sweetwater Sound, “and we’re starting to see more and more products with Dante capability. There’s a real shortage though of high-end, quality pieces, certainly those of the quality of a Rupert Neve product. Any type of multi-room facility that needs to have network integration, top-shelf sound quality…the Rupert Neve RMP-D8 is the perfect solution for that.”

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