South by Rupert Neve 2014

During the 2014 SXSW conference in Austin, TX, Rupert Neve Designs equipment was in use all over town; from the SXSW gear expo at the convention center, to the Daytrotter recording sessions at Good Danny’s Studio, down to Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley for live broadcasts and an all-day showcase.


At the Gear Expo, beyond just demonstrating products on the booth, we were able to combine forces with a handful of manufacturers to record acoustic guitar in a most unwelcoming environment. Beyond using the Shelford 5052s and a pair of sE-Rupert Neve RN17 microphones, the signal chain also included an Apogee Quartet for conversion and interfacing and Audeze headphones for monitoring. The recording took place in a Tatrix studio booth with the door open, and we were tracking Vicki Genfan playing her signature guitar from Luna Guitars.

Here’s the video of the recording:

At Good Danny’s Studio, engineer Danny Reisch put 2 x 5012s, 2 x Portico II Channels, a 5059 and a Master Buss Processor to use in the live recording of 42 separate acts for Daytrotter over 6 days. The acts included Spandau Ballet, The Hold Steady, The Autumn Defense (Wilco side project), Falls, and Safe Francis. The sessions will be released as part of the Daytrotter catalog at over the coming months.


At Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley, their 5088 was put to use on several live streaming shows as well as their annual birthday showcase. The live sessions included shows from Brother Tiger, Black Taxi, The Rocket Boys, Stoney, Folk Family Revival and more. The live mixes were broadcasted as part of the Blue Rock LIVE series of concerts.

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Here are some videos from the live streams:

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