Silk: On Tour with Yamaha's Rivage PM10 Console

The following is a quote from an August 2017 Pro Sound News article by Strother Bullins.

“Nashville-based Morris Light & Sound provided audio for four stages at this year’s CMA Festival, offering Nexo STM line arrays paired with Yamaha consoles—notably including the recent flagship Rivage PM10—monitors and more for the four-day festival. ‘The guys at Morris had a solid file built ahead of time on the Yamaha PM10, and after getting my bearings of the desk’s layout, it was smooth sailing,’ said David Loy, FOH engineer for artist Kane Brown.

‘Personally, I appreciated several features: The console’s expanded channel section was a familiar sight for my eyes and extremely helpful. Having every controllable parameter of a channel just an arm’s reach away was perfect for the festival situation where speed was key. Using the Rupert Neve Designs Silk, I dialed in the Blue Silk transformer on my drums and bass while adding the Red Silk circuit on my guitars and Kane’s vocal. Immediately, the harmonic relationship between my kick and bass was so smooth; my lead vocal shined and was just how I needed Kane’s voice to sound. Since he jumps so much between his baritone to tenor ranges, the Red Silk circuit really helped emphasize some of those characteristics of his voice at all times that I would typically have to get with EQ. But instead with the PM10, I was able to get those aspects just with one knob. It was stellar.’

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