Portico 5033: Equalizing the Portico Spectrum

The 5033 features Mr. Rupert Neve’s custom input and output transformer designs, five bands of EQ based on his traditional curves, -/+12dB input level adjustment, five filter bypasses and comes available in either horizontal or vertical formats.

Built on years of experience and design success, the 5033 represents the signature of excellence that has become synonymous with Mr. Rupert Neve’s name over the years. Whether you’re trying to beef up your low end, carefully carve your mid-range, or
make your top end really shine, the 5033 promises to be a staple in your studio toolbox for years to come.

When equalization is required, the 5033 has five swept bands of EQ for the meticulous sculpting of audio signals. High and low shelving filters are engaged using the same push-button, and both are capable of boosting or cutting their respective ranges by 12 dB. The shelving filters range from 30 Hz to 300 Hz for the low shelf and 2.5 kHz to 25 kHz for the high shelf. The three mid-band filters are also capable of +/- 12 dB of gain and have an additional fully variable “Q” control from a broad 0.7 and narrow 5.

Each fully parametric band can be separately engaged and is continuously variable throughout its filter range. The Low-Mid Frequency (LMF) band is continuously variable from 50 Hz to 400 Hz, the Mid Frequency (MF) band is continuously variable from 330 Hz to 2.5 kHz, and the High-Mid Frequency (HMF) range is continuously variable from 2 kHz to 16 kHz. To minimize the signal path and allow for critical A-B listening, there are also five separate filter bypasses.

The 5033 also has a high performance, transformer coupled line driver with continuously variable +/-12dB trim for optimal gain staging and level matching between processed and unprocessed signals. Like many of Mr. Rupert Neve’s classic modules, the line driving circuit adds sweetness, warmth and presence that can greatly benefit signals that are somewhat brittle and lifeless.

Owned exclusively by Rupert and Evelyn Neve, Rupert Neve Designs Inc. was founded on passion, experience and a desire to build products embodying the highest musical quality. In continuing his legacy as a pioneer in audio circuit design, Mr. Rupert Neve is currently focusing his talents on creating innovative analogue solutions to the issues facing the modern recording engineer.