AES 2006 Wrap Up

The recent AES Convention in San Francisco was very eventful for Mr. Rupert Neve and Rupert Neve Designs. Aside from debuting three new products, the 5088 full discrete analogue mixer, the 5014 Stereo Field Editor, and the 5016 two channel mic pre/di, the company was honored with a TEC Award for achievement in the category of Signal Processing Technology/Hardware for the Portico™ 5042 “True Tape” Emulator, Pro Audio Review presented the 5088 with its PAR Excellence Award and Mr. Rupert Neve received a Fellowship Award from the Audio Engineering Society.

In recognition of his enormous contributions to analogue audio and mixing console designs, as well as the influence he has had on generations of designers, the Audio Engineering Society presented a Fellowship Award to Mr. Rupert Neve. As he enters his eighth decade, Mr. Neve continues to be a leader and innovator in the field of analogue audio with his new company, Rupert Neve Designs.

The Portico™ 5042, winner of the 2006 TEC award for hardware signal processing, provides a remarkable simulation of true tape sound through the inclusion of genuine tape drive circuitry. The 5042’s 2-channel “True Tape” and line driver’s tape-emulation circuit provides the nostalgic rounding and compression usually only achieved by the use of actual tape. This effectively offsets the harshness often found in digital recordings. When the Tape circuit is not engaged, the 5042 can be used as a full transformer-coupled, high-performance line amplifier.

The Rupert Neve Designs 5088, which made its debut at the 121st AES Convention, represents a return to mixing console design and manufacturing for Mr. Rupert Neve, a pioneer of analogue audio designs who created his first circuits 65 years ago and produced his first mixing desk in 1961. The fully discrete 5088 incorporates custom designed input and output transformers, a hallmark of Mr. Neve’s mixing consoles over the years, and is expandable in 16-channel sections (allowing for 32, 48, 64 or more channels).

The 5088 mixing console joins Mr. Rupert Neve’s range of rack-mountable Portico™ modules, which include standalone microphone preamplification, equalization, filtering, dynamics control, tape emulation and stereo field editing. With the forthcoming 5088’s assignment, mixing and monitoring capabilities, these individual building blocks in the Portico Range may be combined with existing high quality and vintage input modules to create a fully integrated modular console system.

Owned exclusively by Rupert and Evelyn Neve, Rupert Neve Designs Inc. was founded on passion, experience and a desire to build products embodying the highest musical quality. In continuing his legacy as a pioneer in audio circuit design, Mr. Rupert Neve is currently focusing his talents on creating innovative analogue solutions to the issues facing the modern recording engineer.