Review: The Fidelice Precision Digital-to-Analog Converter

The following quotes were pulled from a review written by Ian Dunmore on All of these photos belong to him, and we definitely encourage you to read the full review.

“My first listening session with the RNDAC was a rather pronounced ‘Wow!’ experience. Very high apparent detail, speed, dynamics, impact and an amazingly open, airy and spacious sound greeted me. Given my normal rig, this doesn’t happen often.”

“This is a distinctive design. It’s clean, functional and neat. Perhaps more Stanley Kubrik’s ‘2001’ in style than anything else. Which is to say a 1970s imagination of what electronics might look like in 2001. If that was the goal, I think it succeeds admirably; I could certainly see it making an appearance at MOMA in the future.”

“DAC/amp and/or all-in-one components are often mismatched between their DAC and amplifier capabilities. I don’t feel that’s the case here; the DAC isn’t holding back the amplifier, and the amplifier isn’t stunting the performance of the DAC.”

“It was trivial to pick apart the mix and isolate any specific element – each was distinct and easily resolved without detracting from the overall composition. Perhaps that’s the point here; a device that can effortlessly present the musical whole, while still allowing fine-grained isolation and focus … which would be fitting for production work – which is, of course, where all this began.”

“The Fidelice (by Rupert Neve) Precision DAC is the best sounding, most enjoyable, all-in-one unit I’ve heard at its price-point that also includes a true analog-input-to-analog-output path.”