Reviews the RMP-D8 has just published a new review of the RMP-D8 8-Channel Dante Mic Preamp, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thanks to our German distributor Mega Audio for arranging the review!

Here’s a translation of the conclusion:

With the RMP-D8, Rupert Neve Designs has made a brilliant entry into the world of the Dante™ audio network. Thanks to the extensive Dante integration, the RMP-D8 is completely remotely controllable in cable-intensive studio setups as well as in daily stage use, especially for drums / percussion, vocals and guitar setups. At a price of around 6,000€, you get analogue Class A technology with high-quality digital integration for a practical use including redundant power supplies and network connectivity as well as low latency within the Dante network. In fact, the microphone preamplifier will live up to the announcement of providing Rupert Neve Sound with punchy and present-day presence for live sound.

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