Portico 5015 Mic Pre Compressor Now Shipping!

Rupert Neve Design’s announces the launch of the 5015 Mic Pre/ Compressor. With independent transformer-coupled mic preamp and compressor-limiter sections identical to those found in the 5012 and 5043 modules, the fully analogue Portico 5015 combines the outstanding sound quality expected from a Rupert Neve design with the total flexibility required by modern recording studios. Available in both Vertical and horizontal configurations, when used with the 5033 five band EQ module it is possible to create a Portico channel strip with preamplification, dynamics processing and equalization in 1RU. As an additional routing option, the mic pre output may be sent directly to the compressor section without patching by pressing the “To Compressor” switch.

In addition to the 72 dB of gain, the 5015 mic pre includes individually selectable phase, mute, phantom power, a swept high pass filter from 20-250 Hz, and the “Silk” circuit which yields the rich warmth and presence of Rupert’s classic designs. Beyond its unprecedented controls and classic sound however the 5015 provides thoroughly modern performance. With an EIN figure better than -128dB and a frequency response beyond 150Khz, the 5015 preamp section is always capable, regardless of the mic selection.

The 5015’s compressor has fully variable threshold, ratio, attack, release, stereo link and makeup gain with an 8-point LED reduction meter. In addition to the standard control sets, one significant difference of the 5015 compressor is the ability to switch between feed-forward and feedback VCA detection modes. In most of Mr. Rupert Neve’s earliest designs, feedback detection controlling the VCA with a rectified voltage from the unit’s output was intrinsic to the musical dynamic response. However, to offer faster, more transparent response times, feed-forward detection can be selected by controlling the VCA with a rectified voltage from the unit’s input. From instruments to vocals and even stereo mixes(when two 5015’s are linked), the 5015 compressor has the flexibility, precision and sweet sound to please even the most critical ears.

Owned by Rupert and Evelyn Neve, Rupert Neve Designs Inc. was founded on passion, experience and a desire to build products embodying the highest musical quality. In continuing his legacy as a pioneer in audio circuit design, Mr. Rupert Neve is currently focusing his talents on creating innovative analogue solutions to the issues facing the modern recording engineer.