Nov 14— A Tale of Two Studios: Part Two

Built by Bill Putnam over 40 years ago, Coast is a legendary part of the SF music scene. With the original live room untouched, the control room was outfitted with a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console in 2012, and the studio resumed operation – and vastly expanded its business.

Oct 23— A Tale of Two Studios: Part One

Two studios, one on each coast of the USA. Each has a 5088 in their main room, but each needed a second setup to accommodate their growing workload. What to do for their second room?

Sep 1— Bogner Releases Guitar Pedals with RND Transformers

Reinhold Bogner and Mr. Rupert Neve have teamed up to produce superb audio-effects pedals that serve up rich, buttery tones, ultra-dynamic response and a stunning three-dimensional sound quality inspired by the classic mixing consoles of the 1960’s.