Jack White's 5088 on Record Store Day

On Saturday, April 19th at Third Man Records in Nashville, Jack White attempted to record the “World’s Fastest Studio-to-Store Record” in honor of International Record Store Day.

10:00am – The exclusive show began in the Blue Room at Third Man Records. The show was mixed-down live through their 32-channel 5088 console by engineer Vance Powell, and cut directly to a vinyl master.

10:38am – The master was rushed down the street to United Record Pressing, and immediately pressed into 7″ records (first 45 off the presses at 1:37pm).

2:00pm – The first batch arrived back at Third Man, and was proudly presented to the crowd by Jack White. Mission accomplished in 3 hours, 55 minutes, and 21 seconds. According to their site: “One small 7″ for man, one GREAT RECORD for mankind.”

Rupert Neve Designs is exceedingly proud and excited to have played some small role in this amazing day. You can read more about it on Third Man’s NEWS page, and get even more details on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.