Infrasonic Sound Installs 32 Channel 5088

Los Angeles, CA (February 1, 2009) Infrasonic Sound Recording Company, an analog & digital hybrid recording studio and CD & vinyl mastering suite, has installed a new Rupert Neve 5088 32x8x2 Discrete Analog Mixer, as part of the studio’s complete control room re-model. The console, loaded with 16 x 5032-V Mic Pre/Eq, 2 x 5033-V 5 Band EQ and 2 x 5043-V 2 Ch Comp/Lim, replaces a Trident 75 that co-owners/engineers Pete Lyman and Jeff Ehrenberg were previously operating on.

The console installation includes a producers desk, console stand and speaker-bridge, designed and built by Sterling Modular, console & studio patch bays by Audio Accessories and complete rewiring by Mogami. The control room will be equipped with new ATC Studio 100’s and Barefoot MM27s, and undergo a complete Acoustic overhaul by Ty Moyer of Acoustic Science Corporation.

The new Rupert Neve 5088 was first brought to the attention of Lyman and Ehrenberg by Vintage King Audio, the largest dealer of vintage and high-end recording equipment in the world. Infrasonic Sound
serves as the equipment purveyor’s West Coast show room; Ehrenberg is Vintage King’s West Coast representative and head of Los Angeles Sales.

“In my eight years with Vintage King I have drooled over all the early model, Neve 80 series consoles that have passed through our shop. I’ve always wanted an older classic console for Infrasonic but we couldn’t budget for maintenance on top of a large console purchase,”says Ehrenberg. “The Rupert Neve 5088 exceeded my expectations of what I knew a Class A, Discrete, Transformer Balance console to sound like, and the flexibility and routing are perfect to tie the studio, our 24 track tape machine, Protools Rig, and a wall of outboard gear together.”

This re-model marks the first major structural changes at the studio since Infrasonic Sound Recording Company opened its doors in 2004. Lyman and Ehrenberg moved into the East L.A. location (once a motorcycle paint shop) and built Infrasonic’s 2,000 square foot tracking and mixing facility from the ground up, aiming for ample space and a live performance feel that clients like The Mars Volta, No Age and Wilderness have utilized. Infrasonic’s mastering suite was added in an adjacent building shortly thereafter, providing the necessary resources for direct-to-disc recording via the suite’s vintage Neumann AM-32 lathe. The location also serves as headquarters for Infrasonic Sound Recordings, the studio’s label counterpart established in 2007. In just under two years, Infrasonic has released 6 albums from Qui, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Moonrats and The Starlite Desperation. The label’s fulllength catalog is available on both CD and vinyl along with limited edition 7-inches and EP’s. For additional information, visit

About Rupert Neve: Owned exclusively by Rupert and Evelyn Neve, Rupert Neve Designs Inc. was founded on passion, experience and a desire to build products embodying the highest musical quality. In continuing his legacy as a pioneer in audio circuit design, Mr. Rupert Neve is currently focusing his talents on creating innovative analog solutions to the issues facing the modern recording engineer. For further details on Rupert Neve Designs, visit