The i073: New for April 1st 2020

Put Rupert in your Pocket™ with the new i073 Pocket-Sized Microphone / Line Preamplifier & Equalizer, new for April 2020!

With custom-built miniaturized class-A discrete electronics, XLR input and transformer-coupled Lightning output, plus a built-in 0.4W amplifier and full-range two-way 25mm driver system, the i073 is the world’s first TRULY portable all-analog mic preamp + monitoring system from the team at Rupert Neve Designs.

Each i073 is housed in a beautiful aluminum and teak chassis, and comes complete with a microfiber polishing cloth and VU meter protector. Lightning-to-XLR adapter sold separately.

Click here to learn more about the Shelford Channel, which was the original inspiration for the i073.