Flooding in Wimberley, TX: A Brief Message from RND

A message for our fans, friends, and clients regarding this weekend’s flooding in Wimberley, TX:

Rupert and the team at Rupert Neve Designs are fine, and our R&D offices were also unaffected by the record flood that came through Wimberley late Saturday night. However, our main production line had over 3 feet of water and mud come through the facility, and it will be weeks before production is back up and running at full capacity.

Our offices will be closed on Tuesday the 26th as services are restored and as our neighbors deal with the devastation. Phone, cell and internet coverage is either down entirely or intermittent for now.

We thank you for all the messages of concern and support during this time.


Josh Thomas
General Manager

Here is a video from across the street and a block down from the RND offices:

And here is some aerial footage from News 4 San Antonio: