First Rupert Neve Designs 5088 makes debut at SMPTE 2007

The much anticipated 5088 Fully Discrete Analogue Console is making its debut at SMPTE 2007 in Sydney, Australia, July 17th-20th. As the first discrete console offering from legendary designer Rupert Neve in over 30 years, the 5088 is pure, flexible, elegant and powerful, and represents a significant advance in both the performance and philosophy of audio processing.

Scalable from a straightforward 16-channel mixer of the highest quality up to a fully featured, large format console, the 5088 combines timeless sound quality with an unmatched heritage. The real power of the 5088 lies in Rupert Neve’s all-new custom transformer and op-amp designs which produce 10dB greater dynamic range than any of his previous designs. The additional dynamic range is extended downwards to encompass the extremely small, often out-of-band signals, usually ignored that go to complete our listening perspective, making sounds warmer, sweeter and fuller.

Unlike previous console designs which require a massive upfront investment and include many redundant features, the 5088 allows engineers to use their existing outboard gear and adapt to the constantly changing music business. The standard 5088 configuration has 16 input channels, 8 group channels, 4 Stereo FX Returns and a comprehensive monitor section. To increase the number of total input modules, 16 channel expansion chassis may be joined seamlessly to the main frame to create a console with 32, 48, 64, or more channels. Individual channel strips may be customized as well, depending on the facilities needs, by incorporating one or two Penthouse frame extensions that utilize Portico Mic Pre, Compression, EQ and FX modules in the signal path.

The 5088 at SMPTE is a demonstration unit for Rupert Neve Designs exclusive Australian Distributor ATT Audio Controls and is the first to be shown publicly. So far over a dozen 5088 systems have been confirmed, with deliveries expected in August.

Owned exclusively by Rupert and Evelyn Neve, Rupert Neve Designs Inc. was founded on passion, experience and a desire to build products embodying the highest musical quality. In continuing his legacy as a pioneer in audio circuit design, Mr. Rupert Neve is currently focusing his talents on creating innovative analogue solutions to the issues facing the modern recording engineer