Craig "Hutch" Hutchison joins Rupert Neve Designs

Things have come full circle for designer Craig “Hutch” Hutchison, who was first recruited by Manley Labs to rebuild a Neve console in 1994. On February 18, 2008 Hutch left Chino,California for Wimberley, Texas to join Rupert Neve Designs, Inc as Senior Design Engineer where he’ll work with Rupert on the next range of products at Rupert Neve Designs.

Hutch’s association with Manley Laboratories, Inc. began in the early 1990’s first as a Manley amplifier customer while chief tech at Electric Lady Studios and continued as a Manley dealer when he started Uptime Audio in New York City. In 1994 Manley Labs hired Hutch to rebuild a 1969 vintage Neve console. After that project was completed and commissioned, Hutch relocated to California to work at Manley Labs full time. In 1996 Hutch took over as Chief Designer at Manley Labs and has since then produced such industry standards as the Langevin HP-101 headphone mixer, the Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQ, Manley 16×2 Mixers, and the acclaimed Manley SLAM! Stereo Limiter.

“Hutch has always had one hero in this business, and that’s Rupert Neve. When Hutch was given the offer to mentor directly under Rupert at Rupert Neve Designs, I agreed with him that it was a wonderful opportunity for him that he could not pass up. We are truly happy for Hutch.”, says owner of Manley Labs, EveAnna Manley.

As Rupert Neve Designs has expanded in recent years it became apparent that a senior designer was needed to collaborate with Rupert to ensure the design torch would be carried into the next generation. There was always one name that came up again and again as the ideal candidate, and that of course, was Hutch. In his new position as Senior Design Engineer, Hutch will work alongside Rupert and the existing design team to help shape the future of recording studio electronics.

For Rupert Neve, the move is a tremendous opportunity.”For over the last twenty years I’ve seen Hutch become one of the world’s foremost audio circuit designers, and it is both a privilege and an honor to have him join our team of engineers. We share a design philosophy, and I’m excited to be working with him on the next ranges of gear from RND”

Engineering duties at Manley Labs will be continued by the rest of the team including veteran vacuum tube-man Mitch Margolis who has already created several Manley hifi models as well as several studio products for Groove Tubes. EveAnna continues, “Hutch’s departure has been completely amicable. Hutch and I will continue our professional relationship. He has simply begun a new journey through another open door.”

Since having commissioned the original Focusrite “Forte #002” at Electric Lady Studios all those years ago, Hutch has always had an affinity for Rupert’s designs. Hutch states, “When I was working in studios making music, I always felt that Rupert did me a favor by providing great sounding, reliable equipment. Now have the opportunity to repay that favor, to assist him in developing innovative and inspired gear to continue his lineage for future generations.”