Behind the Scenes at Moog's New Sound Lab

There’s no denying the parallels between Rupert Neve and Bob Moog, two giants in the world of music and electronics. So last year, when Moog approached us about incorporating our recording equipment into their revamped Sound Lab at their factory in Asheville, NC, we were delighted to be involved.

The following is a brief interview with Logan Kelly, Moog’s Brand Director.

We’ve seen a lot of great artist content coming out of your shop over the last few years. What should we know about your new Sound Lab?

The Moog Sound Lab is at the center of all artistic collaboration at the Moog factory. It is a full-featured electronic music studio designed for the organic exploration of synthesis and sound. Our single room performance studio is expanding into a multi room creative suite, capable of accommodating an even wider variety of workflows, projects, and ideas. We’ve designed it as a sonic resource for artists and visitors to discover new sounds and explore new possibilities in an environment that inspires creative expression.

How did you decide to make Rupert Neve Designs equipment a part of it?

Like us, you are dedicated to crafting the highest quality tools, inspiring imagination, and ensuring each moment during the creative process is a meaningful experience.

Which RND units are you using, and why?

The Moog Sound Lab is equipped with 2 Shelford Channels, and the 5060 Centerpiece mixer. We use the Shelford Channels when we want to achieve that classic analog recording console sound that Neve is revered for, since as you may know, we at Moog are fans of the unmistakable tone of analog electronics. We use the 5060 Centerpiece mixer for its flexibility and analog summing.  It helps warm up our recordings, and ties everything in the Moog Sound Lab together.

There’s no denying the parallels between Bob Moog and Rupert Neve, and we have always been fans of your gear. When you think of a “Rupert Neve design”, what does that mean to you?

In the same way that the name Moog is forever synonymous with analog synthesis, the name Neve is synonymous with audio recording technology. Bob and Rupert are both models of a life dedicated to the quality of sound in their instruments and products. The sound of our synthesizers is the most important thing, and Rupert Neve Designs helps us show our instruments at their best.

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