Recognized as the developer of the modern mixing console, Rupert’s handiwork is found in thousands of studios around the world. Because of these efforts, he has been the recipient of a number of accolades over the years.

Technical Grammy

In 1997, Rupert became one of a very few personal recipients of a Technical Grammy award. In awarding his Grammy, the Recording Academy acknowledged Rupert’s profound impact on the industry:

“For setting the standard for quality sound reproduction through his engineering and his innovative designs, which have made possible unparalleled advances in the quality of recorded sound; in recognition of his influence on a generation of audio designers; and for his dedication to purity of audio reproduction.”

The morning following the amazing Grammy Awards ceremony in February 1997, Rupert and Evelyn Neve hired a stretch limo to take them to the airport. After all, for that day at least, Rupert was a star. Carrying the coveted Grammy Trophy in its distinctive blue Tiffany bag, they headed for security.

“What is this?” the security guard asked, puzzled by the strange image on her screen. “It’s our Grammy,” Rupert replied. The girl looked startled and in hushed tones said, “I’m so sorry sir. You’ll have to check this. We can’t carry ashes in the cabin.”

“No, no, no,” Rupert explained. “My Grammy – not Granny. Have a look if you like.” She opened it up and for a moment security at the airport came to a standstill as girls screamed and all gazed in awe at the beautiful replica gramophone. It was almost the best moment of the whole proceeding.

R Neve GrammyCorr

Mix Magazine Hall of Fame

In 1989, Rupert was inducted into the Mix Magazine Tech Awards Hall of Fame in recognition of his lifetime contribution to excellence in recording and sound.

“Man of the Century” – Studio Sound

1999: At the turn of the century, Studio Sound magazine conducted a survey inviting readers to vote for the Top Ten personalities of the industry in various disciplines. The first was Audio Personality.

It is Rupert’s prized honor to have been selected by his peers in the Pro Audio business as number one Audio Personality of the 20th Century.

The Audio Century: Top Ten Audio Personalities of the 20th Century

  1. Rupert Neve – Champion of Audio Quality
  2. Ray Dolby – Household Name
  3. Sir George Martin – People’s Producer
  4. Willi Studer – Tape Machine Pioneer
  5. Colin Saunders – Founder of SSL
  6. Alan Blumlein – Inventor
  7. Georg Neumann – Microphone Designer
  8. Michael Gerzon – Mathematician
  9. Valdemar Poulsen – Inventor
  10. Les Paul – Guitars and Multitracks

AES Fellowship Award

The Fellowship Award Reads:

“The Audio Engineering Society, Inc. Presents the Fellowship Award to Rupert Neve in recognition of your enormous contributions to analogue audio designs and mixing consoles – a career that spans over 60 years and has influenced generations of audio designers.”
October 5th, 2006

Sixteen TEC Awards

Since its inception, Rupert Neve Designs has been honored with sixteen TEC Awards, which honor technical excellence & creativity in the music recording industry.

“The NAMM TEC Awards celebrates the pro audio community by recognizing the individuals, companies and technical innovations behind today’s sound recordings, live performances, films, television, video games and other media. In addition to acknowledging the companies pushing the boundaries of sound, they also honor the creators behind these game-changing products, and celebrate the musical powerhouses who bring them to life.”

Portico 5042 “True Tape” Emulator (current model: 542)
(2006 winner, Signal Processing Technology / Hardware)
5088 Discrete Analogue Mixer
(2008 winner, Large Format Console Technology)
Portico 5015 Mic Pre / Compressor
(2008 winner, Microphone Preamplifier Technology)
Portico 5017 Mobile MicPre/DI/Comp
(2010 winner, Microphone Preamplifier Technology)
Portico 517 500-series Micpre/DI/Comp
(2011 winner, Microphone Preamplifier Technology)
Portico II Master Buss Processor
(2012 winner, Signal Processing Technology / Hardware)
5059 Satellite 16×2+2 Summing Mixer
(2012 winner, Small Format Console Technology)
5060 Centerpiece 24×2 Desktop Mixer
(2013 winner, Small Format Console Technology)
511: 500 Series Mic Pre with Silk
(2013 winner, Microphone Preamplifier Technology)
Shelford 5052: Mic Preamp / Inductor EQ
(2014 winner, Microphone Preamplifier Technology)
551: 500 Series Inductor EQ
(2014 winner, Signal Processing Hardware – 500 Series)
RNDI: Transformer Direct Interface
(2015 winner, Ancillary Equipment)
RNHP: Precision Headphone Amplifier
(2016 winner, Ancillary Equipment)
Shelford Channel
(2017 winner, Microphone Preamplifiers)
5211 2-Channel Mic Preamplifier
(2019 winner, Microphone Preamplifiers)


Mix Certified Hit

Rupert Neve Designs received the Mix Certified Hit Award for the 5088 Console and the Portico Range.

Sound on Sound Awards

Rupert Neve Designs has received the Sound on Sound Readers’ Choice Award for the Portico II Channel and the entire 500-Series range.

Future Music Platinum Award

Rupert Neve Designs received the Future Music Platinum Award for the Portico Range.

PAR Excellence Awards

Rupert Neve Designs has won seven PAR Excellence Awards.

Resolution Awards

5088 Discrete Analog Mixing Console
(2019 winner, Analogue Mixer / Summing Device)
Shelford Channel
(2019 winner, EQ – Hardware)
5254 Dual Diode Bridge Compressor
(2020 winner, Dynamics – Hardware)

MPG Special Recognition Award 2017

On February 16th 2017, Rupert Neve was awarded the Music Producer’s Guild ‘Special Recognition Award’, presented to him by Producer / Engineer Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2, Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne). From Producer and MPG Awards Managing Director Tony Platt:

“Most producers and engineers, both old and new, will have forged a ‘special relationship’ with some incarnation of a Rupert Neve console, channel, compressor etc. at some point in their careers, and so the MPG were delighted to present the Special Recognition Award 2017 to him. The mark of the best audio production tools is their ability to inspire creativity as well as delivering the highest quality and indeed Rupert continues to design tools that do exactly that – and what’s more he does it with flair and style.”