The New Millenium


Taylor Guitars

ARN Consultants entered into the Musical Instruments field: a new world for Rupert Neve. Taylor Guitars have launched a new project by commissioning Rupert to design a classic Professional Audio preamplifier known as the K3 for inclusion inside the guitar and an external version with extended features for use with high quality magnetic pickups. The designs follow Rupert’s classic principles, using balanced low impedance connections that ensure much lower distortion and noise than has been the previous norm with amplified acoustic guitars.

With encouragement and design assistance from Rupert, Taylor Guitars have produced a successful multi-sensor low impedance magnetic pickup assembly called the Expression System. The new ES pickups are electrically like a dynamic microphone.

The application of Professional Audio principles, balanced line and Pro Audio connectors combined with controlled levels. Accurate equalization and extremely low distortion and noise, together with the ES pickup provides a dramatic improvement in quality of reproduction which represents a giant step forward for the industry.


New Citizenship

In 2002 Rupert and Evelyn Neve became US citizens. ARN Consultants, established in 1975, is now a US Corporation, ARN Consultants LLC.

Legendary Audio

After three years of R&D in close collaboration with Billy Stull, a product focused on the burgeoning field of mastering, “The Masterpiece” evolved. “The Masterpiece” was unveiled at AES San Francisco 2004.

Rupert Neve Designs – 2005

The company acquired new premises in Wimberley, Texas to handle the increasing demand for products embodying the principles of very high musical quality that has become synonymous with Rupert Neve’s name over the years.

ARN Consultants L.L.C. – the corporate operating company – is now trading as Rupert Neve Designs, LLC.

Portico Series

Rupert Neve Designs announced the Portico Series in 2005 to much acclaim. The Portico Series modules are high quality analogue building blocks for the front and back ends of digital systems (hence the name “Portico” as in entryway). In the years since release, the Portico Series has already garnered many important industry awards including five TEC awards, multiple PAR Excellence Awards, Mix Certified Hit Awards, and a MIPA award among others.

The original color scheme featured grey powder coating with a black and red inlay design available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. The first 8 units were the 5012 Dual Pre, The 5042 True Tape FX, The 5032 Mic Pre EQ, The 5043 Dual Mono / Stereo Compressor, 5033 Five Band EQ, 5016 Mic Pre / DI (discontinued), 5014 Stereo Field Editor, & 5015 Mic Pre Compressor.

5088’s and a New Look

In 2009, the 5088 High Voltage and Discrete Mix System was released as the ultimate word in mix buss sound quality. The modular mix system is configurable to the user’s needs, and utilizes the various Portico Series modules for mic pre’s and signal processing. The 90 Volt rails of the 5088 provide more than 10 dB more dynamic range than any other Rupert Neve designed console, and the custom transformers on every input and output provide complete galvanic isolation.

With the release of the 5088 Portico Series modules also received an update with the same style of light blue powder coating with anodized aluminum knobs.

The Shelford Series

In 2013, Rupert announced the Shelford Series of modules, which were designed as a modern update to his designs from the time he spent in the converted rectory in Little Shelford. The preamp and inductor EQ were primarily inspired by the 1073 and 1064, although they still contain a few modern enhancements like the variable silk / texture control. The color is in the classic Royal Air Force blue associated with his vintage designs, which has been made available by custom order for 5088 consoles as well.