The New World



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9098 Outboard Equipment

1993 saw the launch of the System 9098 range of outboard equipment and the 9098 series of console. Nick, Graham and Rupert agreed that it would be of benefit, in the context of world markets, if the Neves were to relocate their business in the United States.

Amek Purepath
Amek Pure Path Range

9098 Inline Console

Amek 9098i In-line

japan console

Japan Console

America Bound

Rupert autographs a 9098i console

With the growing power of communications, design services could be provided from any part of the world.

In November 1994 Rupert and Evelyn Neve moved to Wimberley, Texas where years before Rupert had visited a friend and fallen in love with the Hill Country and the wonderful friendly people. ARN Consultants became a US Corporation – **ARN Consultants LLC**.