New Directions


AMS / Neve

In 1985, The Neve Group was sold to the Siemens Corporation of Austria. In 1992 Siemens closed down the Neve Group and it was incorporated into another Siemens subsidiary, AMS Ltd., who were very successful in the field of digital audio designs.

Rupert has no connection with AMS/Neve beyond friendly personal relations with Mark Crabtree – one of the AMS co-founders – and several of the original Neve staff who work for AMS/Neve.

Focusrite Ltd.

*Right: Focusrite Master Rock Studio Console*
*Far Right: Focusrite Ltd ISA 110 Series*

Focusrite Vertical Module

Master Rock Studios, Rupert Neve Focusrite Console

In 1985 Rupert and Evelyn Neve incorporated a new company called Focusrite Ltd. A new modern range of outboard equipment was launched to meet the demands of the studios such as rack mounted Equalizers and Dynamics processors, microphone and line driving amplifiers.

Under enormous pressure to go into mixing consoles again and with many promises of support and investment from friends in the industry, Focusrite Ltd. accepted orders for eight monster sound control consoles. Though the audio part of the design was complete and proven, the digital control side of the design (outside Rupert’s field of expertise) ran into delays. The company ran out of time and money that resulted in liquidation in January 1989.

Mr. Phil Dudderidge, who incorporated a new company Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd, bought the assets of Focusrite Ltd. He inherited the Focusrite Range designed prior to 1989 and continued to manufacture and market it. He has since added other units to the range. Rupert has never designed products for Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd.


In 1989 ARN Consultants entered into a consultancy agreement with Graham Langley and Nick Franks, owners of Amek Systems and Controls Ltd of Manchester England to design a new range of consoles and outboard equipment.

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