During this period Rupert introduced **”Moving Fader Automation”**. The idea of storing and recalling fader positions had been introduced by a Canadian Company using two tracks of a multi-track tape machine and VCA’s (Voltage Controlled Attenuators); however, their long-promised console never appeared. Rupert questioned many of the world’s leading studio owners and engineers about their “dream” wish list, from which evolved the concept of NECAM: the world’s first moving fader system.

NECAM 2 vintage Neve

Necam Vintage Neve

necam 3

By 1976, a Neve 16/4 console had been equipped with machine control and George Martin was invited to try out the new system at the Neve Company studio. He spent a day remixing masters, at the end of which his comment was, **”How soon can I have one?”**

George Martin


8078 Vintage Neve Console

8078: 40-Channel 24-Group 32-Track Recording and Mixdown Console

AIR Vintage Neve Console

One of the 3 famous consoles designed for AIR Studios 1978, now in Bryan Adams’ studio, Vancouver

Vintage Neve Limiter-Compressor

2254E Limiter Compressor

Custom Vintage Neve Console

Standard & Custom Consoles

S-Series Vintage Neve Consoles

Neve “S” Series

ARN Consultants Console

Consultant-Designed Consoles

Melbourne Vintage Neve Console

Neve 5302 Melbourne: 12-Channel 2-Group Multi-Purpose Sound Mixing Console

5315 Vintage Neve Console

5315 Console

8058 Vintage Neve Console

In-Line Range
Multi-track Music Recording Consoles

Vintage Neve Console, recorded sound

Recorded Sound Console

Turnkey Vintage Neve Console

Turnkey Systems

Smoke Factory Vintage Neve Console

The Smoke Factory

ARN Consultants

1975 brought a new phase. Needing new capital to fund the rapid expansion, the Neve Companies were sold to a small public British company. Rupert and Evelyn entered into a non-competition agreement for 10 years. They set up ARN Consultants that they still operate, dealing in sound reinforcement and acoustics in difficult buildings such as churches and cathedrals and environmental control systems.

Editing Console

Vintage Neve Recording Console

Rupert had time to develop techniques and equipment for low-budget studios around the world. He initiated the Cambridge Radio Course: a four-week, residential, hands-on experience designed for Christian workers who were motivated to use the medium of Radio to educate, inform and entertain their communities. During the 70’s and 80’s several hundred men and women from around the world attended the courses where professionals from commercial state-owned broadcasting organizations, lectured, tutored and counseled a rich spectrum of dedicated Christian workers.

Script Writing

**Cambridge Radio Course:** Editing, Recording, Script Writing, and Self-Op Studio.