When romance blossomed and Evelyn’s father asked, **”How do you propose to keep my daughter in the manner to which she is accustomed?”** …it seemed the only thing to do was get a “proper job”.

Rupert gained audio design and manufacturing experience with Rediffusion, Ferguson Radio, and as Chief Engineer of a transformer manufacturer. The owner of the company also manufactured loudspeaker units, and in the days of huge sand-filled corner baffles, Rupert developed a small bookcase enclosure in his spare time. He then found a potential client who wanted to order 500. Rupert offered the design to his boss, but the boss was not interested. The old entrepreneurial spirit came to the fore and one day Rupert found himself sitting at a small table in his sitting room at home facing the reality of the fact that the only person he had to rely on for a paycheck at the end of the month was himself.
# First Steps Into Manufacturing

CQ Audio, in its short existence, expanded the horizons from designing and building one product at a time to the world of quantity production: stocking raw materials, testing, quality control, sales and delivery.
Rupert designed, produced and sold the following products:

The CQ Reproducer

cq reproducer: an early Rupert Neve design

One of the first small high-fidelity bookcase loudspeaker systems. Rupert demonstrated this at a lecture to the British Institute of Recorded Sound at the Royal Society of Arts in London and received a standing ovation for the amazing sound quality.

The Q Flex

The Q Flex: An early Rupert Neve design.

An innovative loudspeaker system making use of flexible walls to radiate sound energy. This product won a Council of Industrial Design Award and was exhibited at the Design Center in London for a season.

The CQ Twin 4

CQ Twin 4: An early Rupert Neve design.

Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier

The CQ ‘Ten Fifteen’

CQ Ten Fifteen: An early Rupert Neve design.

10 watt Single-Channel Hi-Fi Amplifier

The Tetraq

Stand-Alone Bi-Pole Tweeter

The CQ Tapeheart

Stereo Tape Recording and Replay Unit