How do Portico modules compare to classic designs?

The Portico Range is not meant to be a reissue module and due to advances in components and experience gained the Portico range outperforms the classics in many respects. Portico modules embody new Rupert-designed transformers, very short audio paths, minimal negative feedback and discrete single-sided transformer-coupled outputs that leave no possibility of crossover distortion. They are built to work together in a variety of configurations – compatible with any existing high quality transformer-coupled vintage modules, including the genuine range of my original units. Such modules may be confidently included in the Portico chain with the sure knowledge that the sound of your favorite classic module will not be diminished. That being said, the Portico Range marks a return to a more colored sound without yielding anything to fidelity! Rest assured that it has all of the characteristics that are so sought after in the vintage designs without any of the maintenance nightmares.

What is Rupert Neve’s Relationship with the orginal Neve company (now AMS NEVE)

Rupert sold the original Neve company in the 1970’s. That company has changed hands numerous times since, and now trades as AMS NEVE. Although on friendly terms with some employees, Rupert has had no involvement with the company in the last 30 plus years.

Do you have any dealers?

Rupert Neve Designs products are available through select dealers and distributors around the world. To find out more about where you can purchase Rupert Neve Designs products visit our “where to buy”.

How can I hear one?

Contact any Rupert Neve Designs authorized dealer for a demo in your area. Check our list of dealers and distributors on our “where to buy” page.

What are the A and B Buss Outputs for?

The Buss Outs are intended for use with the 5088 mixer that will is equipped with a matching BUSS input, allowing any number of Portico modules to be mixed to the BUSS input on any of these appropriate modules using a standard TRS patch cord.

What type of power supply is used in the Portico range?

The Portico has an extremely robust internal dc regulator and is designed to work off of either the external “laptop computer style” psu that is included with the Portico (capable of powering 2 units) or even field power. An array of 5012′s could be powered for hours from a car battery for field or remote recording. If you are thinking about configuring multiple 5012′s or other modules, we are able to provide a beefier power supply that can handle up to 8 modules.