AES 2014: The Limited Edition “Shelford Blue” 5088 Console


At the 2014 AES conference in Los Angeles, Rupert Neve Designs is proud to present a Limited Edition 5088 mixing console, built in the style of the company’s 2014 TEC Award-nominated Shelford Series.



50 years ago, in a converted rectory in Little Shelford, England, Mr. Rupert Neve crafted a series of preamplifier and EQ designs that revolutionized the sound of recorded music. In 2013 in Wimberley, Texas, Rupert and his team of engineers painstakingly combined the very best of these classics with contemporary concepts and components to create the high-voltage Shelford Series of modules.

The color of these Shelford units is a nostalgic nod to the classic modules by which they were inspired, and with this limited edition 5088 loaded entirely with these vintage-modern hybrid Shelford 5051s and 5052s, the whole console now takes on that nostalgic coat of paint.

With higher headroom and a lower noise floor than any of his previous designs, the 5088 remains the pinnacle of Rupert’s work as a designer. Every single input and output is coupled with his custom transformers – with fully discrete Class-A circuitry within – leading to a sweetness and openness that Rupert believes to be the best-sounding console he has ever created.

By filling this custom 5088 with Shelford modules – with Rupert’s custom inductors inside every channel of EQ – the sound of the board combines the very best of the old with the very best of the new for an unprecedented level of sound quality and musicality.


Coupled with the classic color scheme and vintage-inspired modules, this unique 16 channel desk shown in Los Angeles has also been outfitted with Rupert Neve Designs’ SwiftMix™ DAW-controlled motorized faders for the highest possible fidelity and control.

For more information on this special Shelford Edition 5088, or for a custom quote, please email
– and come join us at the AES Show (booth 1028) this weekend.